Look Back and Share

Relive that roadtrip to the Grand Canyon, that family vacation to Disneyland, or even that time you got lost in Barcelona! Save those happy memories and keep them in a safe place that you can easily access.


Reminisce and Rebond

Reminisce with old friends and ‘partners in crime’, the ones who were always there for you. Reflect on each adventure and revisit the stories that make you who you are.


Learn and Gain Wisdom

Reflect on your life experiences and build your own personal ark of wisdom. What adventures had the biggest impact on your life? Who shaped your life? Learn more about yourself while reliving old memories.

Built with You in Mind

My Stories Matter was purpose-built for you. Here are some key features that help you Relive Your Great Adventures.

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    Collaboration Chats
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    Who else was there?
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    Invite Friends

Contribute your recollection alongside others to create a shared Memory or story with friends and family. Easily see who wrote what with text automatically color-coded per contributor.

Piece together the full picture of a story or adventure by chatting with your fellow collaborators. Bookmark important chats to recall them quickly later.

Identify those who shared an adventure with you or were present at an event.

Relive your adventures from oldest to newest. Explore your past adventures alongside cultural context from the same time period.

Invite friends to view or collaborate on Memories. Either import your contacts or send out your unique referral link.

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