Onward and Upward



At My Stories Matter, we’ve been working to improve the experience of reminiscing and recording memories for all our members. We have begun a comprehensive redesign of our application, which we’re happy to announce is open for testing!

The redesigned version is currently available to people who primarily use My Stories Matter for journaling. Join the waitlist to get a sneak peak of the future of My Stories Matter.

Please note some of our favorite features aren’t quite ready yet, but don’t worry! We’re planning to include them in future releases.

These features include:

  • Creating memories
  • Friend requests
  • Seeing other people’s memories
  • Comments on memories
  • Creating and editing collections
  • Collaboration on memories


Some of what’s changed

Simplification and Clarity: We’ve worked on showing just the right amount of information to make everything easier to find.

Lightning Speed: We know the speed of our original site was not up-to-par with where it needed to be. We’ve improved the load time dramatically and navigation is super quick.

New Ways to Reminisce: We’re introducing improvements to the writing process to make it easier to capture your memories.



Why did My Stories Matter’s design change so much?

From listening to our members and reflecting on the many ways we want to improve My Stories Matter it was time for a redesign. Driving the changes are these five goals:

  • Improving the user experience
  • Revamping the writing process of memories
  • Better alignment with accessibility standards
  • Enhancing the privacy and sharing of memories
  • A more personalized experience

Why can’t I see anyone else’s memories?

Our first version of the redesign is intended for journaling, hence why all our normal social features are not currently available. Stay updated as we gradually roll out our other features, as well as new ones, with our blog.

Do I have to use one version or the other?

You can use the redesigned version simultaneously with the original version of My Stories Matter. No need to choose one over the other!

Have more questions for us? Send an email to We’re more than happy to chat and see what you think!


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