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Throughout history, all cultures have passed down wisdom and knowledge from generation to generation through storytelling – not tweets or memes. The technology may have changed, but people haven’t. The human need to tell stories, share experiences, and forge meaningful connections is in our DNA.

We founded My Stories Matter with these principles in mind. We want to help people connect through sharing their stories, memories, and experiences safely, securely, and confidentially.

My Stories Matter mimics how we tell and share stories in real life. It was built in consultation with psychology professors and leverages the latest academic research on reminiscing, nostalgia, memory and positive well-being.

My Stories Matter harnesses the synergy between scientific research, technology, and our natural desire to reminisce and connect meaningfully in order to deliver the world’s leading application for digital storytelling.

How to use My Stories Matter


CEO & Co-founder

I don’t do all the work, but I will take all the responsibility. Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Arnold was born and raised in Perth, Australia. He lived in Japan for 12 years and has been living in Silicon Valley for the past 22 years. Arnold backpacked around the world by himself for 2 ½ years when he was (much) younger, and he still loves traveling.

Favorite food growing up: My Mum was an excellent cook so this is impossible to answer in the singular. She ground her own curry powder and her curries were as good as anything I’ve had even in India. She also made wonderful desserts such as tortes, crepes, and apple strudel from hand-made filo pastry.

Favorite childhood memories: Memories of my childhood summers are always intertwined with the beautiful white sand beaches of Perth.

As a kid, I would read everything and anything, including the back of a cereal box if there was nothing else at hand.

We always had pets, including dogs, cats, parrots, and even a pet duck. I rescued Donald from a farm and nursed it back to health. The duck didn’t mind even though ‘he’ later surprised us by laying eggs!


Director of Data

Michael has a degree in Business Management Economics from University of California, Santa Cruz. He oversees data to ensure that every person gets the maximum benefit and joy from using My Stories Matter.

Outside of work, he enjoys cooking & baking, sports, and playing his trusty guitar. Michael was born in Tokyo and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, speaking fluent Japanese.

Least favorite family vacation memory: When a 10 year old boy insisted that our hot air balloon pilot go far above what he was licensed for during our adventure in Egypt.

Favorite family vacation memory: Driving around Serengeti National Park, Tanzania in a doorless and roofless Jeep. Riding on bumpy roads and stopping to admire the animal kingdom. Also sleeping in tents in the desert and waking up in the middle of the night from Zebras chomping at the trees surrounding your tent.

Favorite childhood memory: Playing with fireworks in front of my grandparents house in the mountains of Japan.


COO & Co-founder

Dan has a bachelors in Business Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo. He manages the day-to-day operations at My Stories Matter, mainly working on product development.

When he first started recording his memories he was skeptical about how many memories he had that were truly meaningful as a young adult in his 20s, and was shocked that he was able to recall so many. He’s always surprised at how small random events (like walking by a small cactus or smelling chocolate) can spark so many dormant memories - and is quick to capture them as MindPops.

He hopes that if you read any of his memories (mainly misadventures) he made public on My Stories Matter that you’ll get a hearty laugh from them.

In his free time, Dan can be found practicing martial arts, learning how to cook (currently fermenting hot sauces), and giving his dog too much attention.

Favorite food growing up: Japanese sour plums pickled by his grandma that he still eats to this day.

Favorite childhood memory: Reading books during winter with hot chocolate in a blanket fort that I put over the heater-vent.

Strangest experience Dan’s had: Getting a massage with cocoa exfoliant sauce in Costa Rica. Believe me, it wasn’t tasty - I tried.


Director of Marketing

Mike has a degree in Marketing from California State University, Long Beach, which he applies at My Stories Matter. He oversees the day-to-day marketing operations, in addition to working on the mobile app and other tangential duties. Mike is always trying to learn, which makes working at a startup so rewarding for him.

Outside of work, he enjoys basketball, health, and technology. Mike was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Favorite family tradition: Our family hosts a Christmas party every year. It’s my favorite because we get to catch up with relatives we don’t see very often, and end the night with a white elephant gift exchange. I look forward to it every year!

Worst childhood prank: Calling 911 from the local pool’s payphone because I didn’t know those calls don’t cost any money.

Favorite Memory on My Stories Matter: Capturing one of my best friend’s Celebration of Life ceremony. I was able to collect images and stories from his family and friends to preserve a “fuller” memory. I feel secure in the fact that I won’t ever forget this important memory because it’s safe on My Stories Matter.


Head of Security

Benji was an adopted rescue puppy who was left in a box on the side of a freeway with his twin sister. Since then, he’s always had a taste for the fast life as well as a taste for almost any food that comes his way.

As Head of Security, Benji makes sure that we are aware of any visitors. Sometimes he takes his job a bit too seriously, but comments to that effect never give him paws (pause) about his work.

Favorite toy: Laser pointer, and no, I’m not a cat.

Favorite food: T-bone (medium-rare), and any other food that falls from the sky

Why Record and Share Your Life

Remembering your life is just as important as living your life.


Backup Your Life

Create a permanent backup of your memories and analog photos! As we get older, it only gets harder and harder to remember the precious moments in life – unless you capture them with My Stories Matter.

Pass It Down

Don’t you wish you could hear your parents’ and grandparents’ voices again? The funny stories they told? Their pearls of wisdom? Your children and grandchildren will want to remember your voice too.

Fully Remember

Your memories are a critical part of you – lose them, and you lose a piece of ‘you’. Capture the full story by collaborating with family and friends to fill in gaps and add their perspectives.

Share Your Life

Remember the last time you reunited with close friends and reminisced about old times? When you can’t be together, share, relive, and laugh on My Stories Matter.

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