Bring Your Story To Life

Document your story on this planet and bring it to life in a digital memoir. Trigger dormant memories and get inspired by stories you wouldn't have otherwise remembered.


Gain Insight from Others

Share the chapters of your life and get real feedback and insight from those who matter. Get the perspectives of people who were also there to fully capture the moment.


Publish and Inspire

Convert your digital memoir into a physical book to publish and showcase. Inspire others to do the same and tell their story.


Reflect and Learn

Reflect on your past experiences and document the life lessons and wisdom gained. What is your story?

Built with You in Mind

My Stories Matter was purpose-built for you. Here are some key features that help you Jumpstart Your Memoir.

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    Create a Book
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    Tips and Samples
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Create a book from your Memories to share them physically. Easily choose which stories to include in your memoir.

Prompts are questions that act as proactive memory triggers. They are designed to recover dormant memories and elicit stories about specific experiences, people, or places.

Group Memories together into collections like "Growing up in New York" for your childhood stories or "San Francisco in the 1980’s" for when you moved back home after college.

If you're stuck, spark inspiration from sample memories or use our writing tips.

Capture the full story that includes input from the people who were also there. Easily see who wrote what with color-coded text for each contributor.

Tag relevant items in your Memoir to categorize them for easy recall later on. Add #bike, #trainingwheels, or #learning for that story of when you first learned how to ride a bike.

What others are saying about My Stories Matter

"Perfect for helping me tease out life stories for my memoir. No more writers block!"

Ian T.

"Very helpful for me to try to remember stories about myself when I was younger!"

Tim A.

"Fascinating stuff, I'd forgotten 90% of memories that I was a part of! Shows how useful this is."

Derek B.

"I can really see how this is intuitive for older people as well as younger people."

Karen C.

"Thanks for doing this!"

Eric Z.

"This is a fun site!"

John P
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