Record Your Family History

Celebrate your genealogy in unlimited detail. Upload photos and old documents. Directly record family members telling their stories as audio files. Create a rich family history that is organized and easily searchable.


Celebrate Your Family

Build a narrative of your family's story across generations. Learn life lessons and gain valuable wisdom from their experiences.


Your Family Legacy

Preserve your personal legacy and pass it on for the benefit of your children and future descendants. What do you want them to know about you, your younger self, and your parents?

Built with You in Mind

My Stories Matter was purpose-built for you. Here are some key features that help you Empower Your Family Historian.

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    Encrypted Memories
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    Import Contacts

View your family history from its beginning. Explore what was happening during grandpa’s childhood in a single click! Understand the defining spirit and mood of the time in which a Memory took place with snapshots of the culture (hit songs, famous events, news, etc.).

Group family Memories together into Collections like "Family Vacation to Hawaii" or "Raising Kids in Palo Alto" to categorize your stories. Create a Collection for events that have multiple stories across a period of time.

Neither our engineers, database admins, employees, nor anyone else can read your family’s Memories. Your data is encrypted and is not shared with anyone except the people you specifically choose.

Import your contacts and easily invite your family members, or send them your unique referral link.

What others are saying about My Stories Matter

"Great way for families to pass on family history and values."

Kelly Y.

"I can really see how easy it is for older people and younger people to navigate this."

Karen C.

"Fascinating stuff, I'd forgotten 90% of memories that I was a part of! Shows how useful this is."

Derek B.

"Thanks so much for doing this."

John P.

"Your new website is working pretty well!"

Logan F.
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