My Stories Matter’s Major Upgrade - Coming Soon!

Our biggest ever upgrade is set to launch in November. Out with the old, in with the extraordinary; thank you to everyone who gave us feedback. 

This upgrade will make your reminiscing experience easier,  more rewarding, and more enjoyable.

If you’ve used My Stories Matter, rest assured, all your precious memories await you in the upgraded version. The safety and security of your content is always our priority.

What’s new in this upgrade?

Streamlined Workspace: Enjoy a simplified and better-organized site for your storytelling, that makes it easier for you to focus on your writing. 

Intuitive Timeline: Our new horizontal layout lets you easily map out your life's journey, highlighting gaps and inspiring new memories. Additionally, view these moments in a historical and cultural context with our curated Cues that include top songs, movies, TV shows, and more from each year.

Revamped Writing Prompts: We’ve made it even simpler to come up with things to write about. 

Considering writing your memoir? Our Prompt categories act as an instant table of contents for you to expand upon, encompassing everything from early childhood and high school to parenting and family vacations.

Prompts are designed to banish writer’s block, and now offer a variety of perspectives on each Prompt to ignite your writing process.

One-Stop Search: Enhanced search is your shortcut to accessing all the treasures within your My Stories Matter world. Whether you're on a journey to relive a particular memory or seeking fresh inspiration from a Cue or Prompt, you can now search for it all. 

Photos in Your Stories: You now have the ability to seamlessly embed your treasured photos into the heart of your story. Whether you’re capturing the memories of a family vacation, or recounting a milestone in your child’s life, your photos now seamlessly blend into your narrative, creating a richer, more personal, and more delightful storytelling experience.

Writing Reminders: Imagine having a helpful friend who gently reminds you to continue your reminiscing journey and keep writing. That's exactly what our optional new writing reminder does! Whether it's a daily reminder or a weekly nudge, you can customize them to suit your preferences. 



Enhanced Visual Collections: Your Collections just got a fresh appearance. Additionally, we've introduced automatic groupings such as Drafts, Published, and Recently Deleted to make it easier for you to locate your content quickly. 

Auto-saved Memories: Our upgrade now automatically saves your work as you write. With auto-save, your memories are protected, letting you focus on the joy of reminiscing without the fear of loss.

Helpful Messages: You'll see reassuring messages following your actions, keeping you informed every step of the way. Here are some examples:

  • Confirmation that your published memory is added to Recent and the Timeline

  • Messages to undo accidental deletions of drafts or Collections

  • Confirmation for other actions, such as when you create a new Collection

Exciting New Improvements on the Way: We're not just improving existing features; this upgrade also paves the way for us to introduce some exciting new improvements we're currently working on. Keep an eye out for what's coming next!

What else should I know? 

We've carefully thought through this upgrade and how it benefits our My Stories Matter community. Every change was made with the goal of making your reminiscing experience more intuitive and enjoyable. 

You will continue to access My Stories Matter through Though we fondly bid farewell to the classic My Stories Matter, join us in stepping forward into a more enriching reminiscing journey. 

Change can sometimes feel unfamiliar, but it can also bring many benefits.

  • No More Homepage: Now you're just one click away from your memories. 

  • Collections and Drafts Together: Your Collections and Drafts will be neatly organized under "Edit," making it a breeze to view and manage all your content.

  • Your Favorite Features Coming Back Soon: Rest assured, all the features you love in the old My Stories Matter, including collaborative writing and Challenges, will soon make their reappearance in the updated version.

  • Your Mind-Pops: All your precious Mind-Pops from the old My Stories Matter will be temporarily accessible as drafts until we revamp Mind-Pops.

Join us in exploring this exciting new version of your favorite reminiscing site!

If you encounter any issues or have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Or after logging in, contact us on the My Stories Matter website. 

We look forward to having you join us on the upgraded My Stories Matter, designed to make your reminiscing experience easier, more rewarding, and more enjoyable.


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