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5 Tips For Collecting Family Stories During Thanksgiving

By Dan
November 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving! As we approach this holiday season, we use this time to reconnect and rekindle our bonds with our families since the lockdown last year. Unfortunately, many family traditions get lost over time as generations progress and families migrate around the world. So how do we keep these bonds and traditions going strong long after our generation? Here are some tips for collecting family stories this Thanksgiving.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Even if you don’t know where to start, we can help! Grandma and Grandpa may have a lot of wisdom to share, but they may not know which stories to start with first. Our prompts feature can help with that to get your grandparents started with telling their family stories.

Control the Privacy of Your Memories

Unlike Facebook and other common privacy violations, only you can choose who sees your family stories when you add a memory. We do not sell your information to anyone. We created MyStoriesMatter to go against this trend of every social media platform selling your data. 

Turn it into a Family Project!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to share your family stories together. Whether grandma is next to you or halfway across the world, everybody can contribute and tell family stories together on a memory with our collaboration feature! Preserve every thanksgiving vividly for many years to come.

We Help Organize Your Family Stories

Virtually nobody tells their stories chronologically. Some events may be out of order, but we can help with that. After posting your family stories, they will all be shown in order chronologically in your customized timeline. We also include historical events and pop culture that happened in the past, including popular songs and movies, so we can help paint a picture of what your loved ones experienced back then.


Categorize Your Family Stories

Whether it’s celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a wedding anniversary, your memories can be categorized. All of your family traditions can be stored and backed up securely on our servers with our collections feature.

Questions? We have more information about how you can help record your family history on MyStoriesMatter.